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Purpose, Promise, Values and Vision

The School motto of ‘Respect and Aspire’ permeates all aspects of School life. All who work at the School have the highest aspirations for themselves and for the other members of the School community.’

Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review, November 2018

Our Vision & Strategy

2019 – 2024

‘Of particular note is the fact that the trends that have been secured and the consolidation of strategic initiatives have resulted in outstanding capacity of the leadership and management to maintain and sustain this high level of performance.’ 

Ralph Batten, on behalf of Buckinghamshire Learning Trust, January 2016

Our Purpose, Promise, Values and Vision

The School’s purpose, values, and vision were consulted upon with parents, students, staff and governors in 2018-2019 and revisited earlier this year.

Our long-term purpose as a School is to inspire and enable all our students to flourish throughout their lives.

We deliver this through our promise to nurture character so our students can define for themselves their place in the world and by living our core values, to respect and aspire

All of this underpins our vision of being true to our foundation as a ‘free school for Aylesbury’ giving every student irrespective of background and circumstance an opportunity to flourish.

Providing an education for all our students which is unparalleled in breadth and quality of opportunity, striving to become international leaders in academic and pastoral development.

As a result, we will be the School of choice for local families  preparing our community to succeed.

Our strategic plans to deliver this vision are summarised in three key areas.

  • To enhance our current provision
  • To extend our influence and impact
  • To transform our School into a global leader in education

‘There is a clear vision for the future and an understanding of the power of innovation’


Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review, November 2018



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Our vision is to provide an exceptional education, rich in learning opportunities

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