Year 7

School Prospectus

The school prospectus contains information about the school, including the House and Year systems, pastoral care, the curriculum and extra curricular activities and visits.

Year 7

Boys are eligible to be considered for admission to Aylesbury Grammar School in Year 7 if they meet the required qualifying score in the Secondary Transfer Test or have been deemed qualified by a Selection Review Panel.

Two tests, each of approximately 60 minutes duration, are taken in the Autumn of the year prior to proposed admission. The tests comprise elements of verbal, numerical and non-verbal ability. Each child’s raw scores in the two tests are added together and the resulting score is converted into an age standardised score thus setting all children on an equal footing regardless of when their birthday falls in the year.

Registration for the test is automatic for children who attend Buckinghamshire Primary schools unless the parent expressly withdraws their child from testing. In all other cases, including where children attend independent schools in Buckinghamshire, an application for testing should be made to the Testing Administrator. In addition, all applicants must notify their home Local Authority of their preference for the school prior to the closing date each year, set by the Local Authority.

Testing Administration

The Testing Administrator is currently Buckinghamshire Council. The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools are continuing to work in partnership with Buckinghamshire Council and the intention is that Buckinghamshire Council administers the test on our behalf, subject to final agreement.

For more information please go to the Buckinghamshire Council Website:


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