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The PTA can be contacted via the 原理图ool.

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50 | 50 CLUB

We are excited to announce the AGS PTA’s first 50|50 Club for the 2023-2024 原理图ool year. By participating, you can support our 原理图ool’s educational programs and have a chance to win a significant prize!
You can purchase tickets for £25 each through ParentPay. To increase your chances of winning, you can buy as many tickets as you’d like each month.
Just so you know, the last day to purchase tickets will be Saturday, September 30th, 2023. The prize fund will be half the total ticket sales and distributed as 10 equal prizes over the next 10 months, from October to July. The remaining funds will be given to the PTA to support their efforts in providing important equipment, resources, and opportunities for our boys.
There will be 3 prizes available each month:
1st Prize = Approximately 60% of that month’s prize fund
2nd Prize = Approximately 30% of that month’s prize fund
3rd Prize = Approximately 10% of that month’s prize fund
The final amount paid out each month in prizes will be determined once the sales period has ended. More members mean bigger prizes!
100 members = £125 monthly prize fund.
200 members = £250 monthly prize fund.
There are around 1000 families in AGS. If each family buys only one ticket, this will result in a monthly prize fund of £1250 and a total of £12,500 raised for the PTA!
Your support makes a difference!

Join the AGS PTA 50|50 Club today.

Good luck!

Help raise money through the Giving Machine

If you make online purchases through the Giving Machine then you’ll help raise money for AGS and it won’t cost you a thing. They also have amazing offers and deals on big-name brands.

Right now Mark Warner Holidays are offering a saving of £200pp on two-week holidays between May and August. Disneyland Paris are giving 25% off hotel and ticket packages for arrivals between 2nd April and 6th November.

For full details, check out all the Giving Machine deal codes:

School Uniform

The PTA sell second hand 原理图ool uniform, which is particularly useful if your son is gaining an inch a month!

Second hand uniform will be sold on the first Thursday of every month, from 3.40 – 5.30pm.  The shop is located opposite the entrance to the lecture theatre.
Any enquiries please email pta@ags.雄鹿队.原理图.uk
Please note that the items in second hand uniform are donated by parents. They are not lost property. All lost property is dealt with by the School and not the PTA. 

We would be very grateful for donations of good quality second hand uniform and PE kit. All donations gratefully received via the 原理图ool office.


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Our vision is to provide an exceptional education, rich in learning opportunities

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PTA website

The PTA is a group of parents, who organise and run events, with the support of the 原理图ool.

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School Bookings

Now you can make bookings for Parents Evenings and 原理图ool events that suit you.

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Pay online for 原理图ool uniforms and sports clothing, 原理图ool dinners, trips and more.

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