Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Drama at Aylesbury Grammar School is part of the School’s promise to provide a curriculum unparalleled in breath and quality.  The school recognises that drama provides a place to develop innovation, character, resilience, confidence and creativity.  The school instils a passion for drama and theatre arts building a foundation where students learn to respect a diverse world of plays and performers.  We provide a vibrant and safe space allowing all students the exciting opportunities to create and perform innovative work based on a variety of theatre styles and practice. 

From taking part in our regular joint school productions with Aylesbury High School, to programming lighting desks, to creating original pieces of drama in class, to learning to project your voice to the back of the Foundation Hall there are countless creative and practical opportunities for students to explore and develop whilst they are at the School. 

Drama develops physical, vocal and emotional awareness.  Drama encourages team work, problem solving, project management and critical thinking.  Through drama, students become more inquisitive, reflective, emotionally balanced and empathetic. 

We are very proud to support drama and theatre arts through both our extensive curriculum and extra curricular programmes led by a team of highly trained and experienced staff.