School Life

Recognition and Rewards

Colours, Honours and Learning Honours

Our students have the opportunity to earn Colours, Honours or Learning Honours at the end of term in each section assembly and they are designed to encourage, recognise and reward commitment and excellence to School learning, School sport, School music, School drama and other School extracurricular activities. The criteria are explained to students in assemblies and also displayed on notice boards in School.
Colours are awarded for commitment and excellence to School sporting teams. Honours are awarded for commitment and excellence to music, drama, public speaking, chess, debating and art in School. Learning Honours are awarded for commitment and excellence to curriculum learning, as seen in end of term Attitude to Learning grades and other areas of school learning. 
It is possible for a student to be awarded Colours, Honours and Learning Honours in the same year – but that would be seen as the treble and very challenging! In Years 8, 10 and 12 the expectation is that the Half Colour/Honour or Learning Honour may be made. In Years 9, 11 and 13, both the Half award and the Full Colour/Honour or Learning Honour may be presented. In Year 7 either the Full or Half could be presented depending on the level of excellence displayed.
A Full Colour/Honour/Learning Honour is generally only expected after TWO full years of excellence and commitment to the chosen activity or learning in the same school section (Lower School, Middle School, Upper School and Sixth Form).
Excellence is considered in terms of performance level within a team or band, and includes excellence in attitude on the pitch, in matches, in shows or in other performances. Commitment includes commitment to training, practice and rehearsals – as well as to performances and fixtures. There can be no presentation of any of the awards without commitment, which is the primary criterion.
Staff who lead teams/bands/shows are invited to make nominations of students to be considered for the awards and then a committee of staff, led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, meets to consider the nominations and to ensure parity of awards to previous years and across activities. 
We do know that the awards are highly sought after by students and that they wear their braids (in Years 7 – 11) or ties (in Years 12 – 13) with great pride. We do recognise, therefore, that this is an award that should be earned and that not everyone will receive them. 
We strongly recommend participation and engagement in extracurricular activities as we know that this develops key characteristics and an enjoyment of School – not just because of the awards. We widely recognise contribution to School or House life in other ways too, for example, this is a key criterion in the appointment of Junior Prefects and Prefects. 
At AGS we hope that all students will find something that they can engage and find enjoyment in.